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At Holistic Pain Cure, we understand just how much chronic pain can affect your life. Owned and operated by a long-term pain patient, our company utilizes holistic healing modalities to provide natural pain solutions, chronic pain relief and increase your overall wellness so you can feel healthy again

Ann's Healing Story

Our holistic nurse practitioner, Ann understands the frustration of living with pain as well as anyone. As a pain patient for the past 24 years, she was left unable to work after several low back surgeries. At just 40 years old, Ann was told that she would spend the rest of her life in bed relying on painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants. She was depressed, angry, and desperate for answers.

Ann had been a nurse for 18 years, and she had faith that things would get better. Upon being forced to retire, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She began searching for other answers, which eventually led her to the holistic field. During this time, Ann had a friend practice hands on healing. In addition to prayer, meditation, practicing the power of positive thinking, and studying multiple books on the power of the mind, Ann experienced considerable success.  Her pain decreased, she was able to get off of all of her medication, and she began to walk, working up to two miles a day within just one month!

And now for the rest of the story.......nineteen years ago Ann had a fourth spinal surgery which ended up sending her into a tailspin of strong pain medications, muscle relaxers, and antidepressants. Ann considers that experience to be her time in hell. It affected not only Ann but her family, friends, and everyone around her. It took Ann’s husband, adult children, and an extremely compassionate, caring primary care doctor to get off of the medications which made her mentally clear enough to get back to holistic healing.

Today Ann has another compassionate and caring doctor in her life, her pain management doctor who is willing to work with her, listen to and encourage her to put her on a plan of some pain medication when needed along with spinal blocks and alternative pain methods to allow her to live her best life possible!

Ann's Portrait - Natural Pain Solutions

Ann has thoroughly researched numerous alternative healing modalities over the past twenty years such as acupuncture, massage therapy, CranioSacral work, and neurological chiropractic among many others. She has also studied The Biology of Belief and many other books about the incredible power of the mind. She has studied Transcendental Meditation under Dr Deepak Chopra.
Ann’s morning ritual consists of bible study, prayer, meditation, and exercise. She continues to research and study alternative healing methods.  She has done many things to get to where she is today and would love to share her vast knowledge with you!

Ann is a member of The American Holistic Nurses Association and The American Chronic Pain Association.

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