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About Ann

Supporting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in Austin, TX

At Holistic Pain Cure, we understand just how much chronic pain can affect your life. Owned and operated by a long-term pain patient and Holistic Nurse Practitioner, our company utilizes holistic healing modalities to provide natural pain solutions, chronic pain relief, and ways to increase your overall wellness so you can feel healthy again. That’s what makes us the ideal choice to guide you through your journey of empowerment and recovery.

About Our Owner: Ann’s Healing Story

For years, our owner struggled to find treatment that could heal her mind, body, and spirit in Austin, TX. As a 24-year pain patient, she understands the frustration of living with pain that doesn’t seem to have an effective answer. After several lower back surgeries, Ann was told that she would spend the rest of her life in bed, relying on painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants at only 40 years old.

That wasn’t the end of her journey, though. Having been a nurse for 18 years, she had seen miraculous recoveries and had faith that things would get better if she just kept trying. At first, it worked. Exploring the holistic field, she found multiple books on the power of positive thinking and enjoyed support through prayer and a friend who practiced hands-on healing. The results we astounding -- she left medication behind and began to walk, working up to two miles a day in just one month.

Then came her fourth spinal surgery. Nineteen years ago, Ann’s experience with pain management took an agonizing turn for the worse when she found herself in a tailspin. Trapped in a haze of strong medication, muscle relaxers, and antidepressants, she went through a period that felt like her time in hell. Luckily, Ann wasn’t alone.

Her husband, adult children, and extremely compassionate primary care physician came together to get her off of unnecessary medications and restore her mental clarity. In this moment of love and revelation, she returned to holistic healing modalities.

Ann's Portrait - Natural Pain Solutions

Today, Ann has made herself an expert on numerous methods through the study of:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Craniosacral Work
  • Neurological Chiropractic Treatment

Just as she received help in her time of need, she seeks to share compassion and guidance with others who have similar experiences. Using lessons learned from books like The Biology of Belief and study under world-renowned doctor Deepak Chopra, she continues her mission as a member of The American Holistic Nurses Association and The American Chronic Pain Association.

Contact us today for assistance with your pain. We proudly serve a worldwide community of clients.

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